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- Viking economical and vandal-resistant hot-line phone
- Programmable 1- 32 digit telephone number each time the phone's handset is lifted
- Products may be programmed to touch tone or pulse dial and will not dial on incoming calls
- Available in desk or wall chassis, as well as in a vandal resistant panel phone configuration
- Network insert dialer also available to convert standard phones into hot-line phones
- Telephone line powered
- Hearing aid compatible amplified handsets
- Rotar handset volume control
- 1 -32 digit speed dial number
- Touch tone and 10/20 pps pulse dialing
- Non-volatile E2 memory (no batteries required)
- Restricts fraudulent calls from hand held dialers
- K-1900D/W-2 available in red or ash
- Optional Q170600 ringer (Fax Back doc 845)
- Operates on a CO line or analog PABX/KSU extensions
- Ring detection (will not dial on incoming calls)
- Programmable security code to enter programming mode
- Touch tone programmable K-1900-6 fits standard 500, 554, 2500 and 2554
- Ash

UPC/EIN/ISBN: 615687221787
SKU: 1168092
Pieces per Case: 1
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Consumer price:$226.09