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Wholesale Quilt Pounce Chalk Refill-4 Ounces White 2/Pkg

Quilt Pounce Chalk Refill-4 Ounces White 2/Pkg. HANCY-Quilt Pounce Refill: White. The perfect tool for transferring any sized stencil to any type of fabric for machine or hand embroidery. It's so simple! Lay your stencil down; run the filled pounce pad (not included) over it and the design is transferred. Features: saves time; accurate; safe for all fabrics; extremely easy to use; includes two 4 ounce bags of powder; and is non-toxic; chalk washes off. Imported.
UPC/EIN/ISBN: 099238303243
SKU: 644641
Pieces per Case: 1
Tier CasesPrice (ea)
Consumer price:1 piece$5.24
Wholesale price:6+ pieces$4.72
Wholesale price:12+ pieces$4.41