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Wholesale Spiced Apple Soy Candle - 2 Jelly Jar Pack

Made in the USA
Spiced Apple Soy Candle - 2 Jelly Jar Pack. We all love the smell of Hot Baked Apple Pie in the fall, now have it year round! Each candle is made in the USA 100% natural soy wax Cotton lead-free wicks with a natural wax coating High quality fragrance oils, natural soy color (white) no dyes added assuring you receive a cleaner burning, longer lasting, richly scented soy candle. Our candles are non-toxic, eco-friendly and water soluble. Since the candles are made with natural ingredients, the containers can be safely repurposed after cleaning with soap and hot water. Spiced Apple Soy Candle - 1 - 12 ounce and 1 -16 ounce Jelly Jar with Star Lid per case. 2 Jelly Jars with Star Lid Soy Candles in all. Going Green Soy Candles are a Green, healthy choice for sharing and enjoying your favorite aromas. Going Green Soy Candles, a Green alternative to other types of candles. This package is 5 1/2" high, 6"' long and 3" wide.
UPC/EIN/ISBN: 610563397204
SKU: 690837
Pieces per Case: 2
MSRP: $33.94
Tier CasesPiece PriceCase Price (ea)
Wholesale price:1$15.09$30.17
Wholesale price:3+ cases$12.94$25.87
Wholesale price:6+ cases$11.64$23.28