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Wholesale Victor Technologies 12-Digit Calc,2-Color Printing,8-1/2"x12-1/4"x2-3/4"WE/BE

Victor Technologies 12-Digit Calc,2-Color Printing,8-1/2"x12-1/4"x2-3/4"WE/BE
Executive Commercial Printing Calculator offers a large 12-digit fluorescent display with 17mm tall display digits. Print 4.0 lines per second with a two-color ribbon. Desktop calculator delivers large print on paper tape and features large, well-spaced contoured keys and a built-in metal paper arm. Cost-sell-margin keys allow you to quickly and easily solve CSM problems by entering two variables and the third appears. Calculator displays and prints current time/date. Functions include tax +/- keys, four-key independent memory, change sign key, percent key, grand total key, date/non-add key, backspace key, sigma key, item count and automatic constants. Calculator runs on AC power and weighs 2.2 lb.
UPC/EIN/ISBN: 014751123048
SKU: 972401
Pieces per Case: 1
Tier CasesPrice (ea)
Consumer price:1 piece$110.86
Wholesale price:6+ pieces$99.78
Wholesale price:12+ pieces$93.13