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Wholesale Furrybones Figurine - Black Bun-Bun

Furrybones Figurine - Black Bun-BunSkeleton bunny character. Cold cast resin.Length: 2 x Width: 1.75 x Height: 3.25.
Due to certain licensing restrictions, this item is not to be re-sold through Amazon or eBay listings.

Furrybones love costumes to DEATH!
A little dead and super cute, they come in all sorts of costumes and are always lovingly gazing with their eyes (sockets?!).
Which Furrybones suit your fancy? Let them keep you company in your office, by your bed and in the kitchen. You'll always find them in their best skeletal smile which is sure to make you smile too.

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UPC/EIN/ISBN: 804112078458
SKU: 973299
Pieces per Case: 1
Price (ea)
Consumer price:$6.03